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Keyboard Shortcuts of Google Instant to Search Faster

The new Google Instant certainly can save you a lot of time searching, but you’ll really start seeing the speed once you familiarize yourself with its shortcuts.

Lifehacker.com says,

Big tip of the hat to the folks at Fast Company for their eagle eyes.

Google Instant comes with three starter shortcuts baked in (and here’s hoping for even more to follow):

1) Tab to Autocomplete
2) Up and Down keys for suggestion navigation
3) Right arrow key for I’m Feeling Lucky

Again, this time with detail:

To accept Google’s autocomplete text prediction while you’re typing, just press Tab. For example, if I type ‘lifeh’, Google Instant suggests Lifehacker. If I press Tab, it’ll autocomplete that text so I don’t have to finish typing it out. You can then continue typing—and continue accepting suggestions—in the same way as you continue to fill out your query. This isn’t necessarily that impressive when you already know the specific word you want to type, but when it starts autocompleting full queries (or even words you’re not sure how to spell) and giving the results for those queries, it’s pretty convenient.

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Is Windows Slowing Down? How To Solve Without Reinstalling OS?

One of the most persistent myths about Windows is that you need to reinstall the operating system regularly to keep it running at top performance. Let’s take a look at the real problem and how to fix it.

Today we’re talking about the myth that Windows slows down over time, and how to solve the problem. The reality is that Windows doesn’t slow down if you just take care of your PC a little more. Follow these procedures, and you won’t have to wonder if spending hours backing up data, installing from disc, and re-installing your essential applications is really necessary.

What Does Slow Windows Down Over Time?

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that your Windows PC will never slow down—because for many people, they almost always do. What actually slows your PC down are too many poorly written applications that stay resident in memory and waste CPU cycles, having too many badly written low-level applications that hook into Windows, or running more than one antivirus application at a time. And of course, if you’ve run your PC’s hard drive out of space, you can hardly blame Windows for that.

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How to Migrate Google Calendar From One Gmail Account to Another

There are two ways to migrate your Google Calendar. One of them takes a bit longer, but we’ll only use that method for your main calendar (the one that, by default, is named after your Gmail address). All of the sub-calendars, or “delegates”, of the account are easier to migrate, so we’ll do that second.

To migrate your main calendar, go into your Google Calendar settings and click on the Calendars tab. You’ll see an option to export all your calendars, at once, to your hard drive in iCalendar format. Export them to your drive and unzip them if necessary.

Next, go to your new account (it’s easiest to have each account logged into Google in a separate browser), go to Settings > Calendar Settings > Calendars and create a new one. Name it whatever you like, click Create Calendar, and then hit the import button at the bottom of the page. Choose the .ical file corresponding to your main calendar and upload it, choosing the empty Google Calendar you just created as its destination. You’ll see that it shows up in calendar view.

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